Sha Na Na celebrates the 35th Anniversary of "Grease" with a New Album - "Sha Na Na Greaser High School Hop" in conjunction with the Hollywood Bowl Grease Sing-Along. Sha Na Na, cast in the movie as “Johnny Casino and the Gamblers”, performed six songs on the original Grease soundtrack. The smash hit ballad "Sandy," sung by John Travolta, was co–written by Sha Na Na’s piano man, Screamin’ Scott Simon.
But wait - there's more!
You can also get the Karaoke version and sing 10 of your rockin' favorites with the guys themselves backing you up!
Both will be available for download only after July 2, 2013 from
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Sha Na Na Greaser High School Hop CD cover

At The Hop
Peppermint Twist
Do The Bop
Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay
Willie and the Hand Jive
High School Confidential
Hokey Pokey
Do The Jerk
Limbo Low
Gotta Monkey
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
Mash Potato Time
Don't You Remember
One More Saturday Night
Hound Dog
(Baby) Hully Gully
Crazy 'Bout The Cha Cha Cha
Let's Dance
You Can't Sit Down
Funky Chicken
Good Rockin' Tonight
Monster Stroll

Produced by Jocko Marcellino

Sha Na Na Karaoke CD cover

Karaoke Versions with
your own personal
back-up band,

Sha Na Na!

At The Hop
Peppermint Twist
Do The Bop
Hand Jive
Hokey Pokey
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
Don't You Remember
One More Saturday Night
Hound Dog


Produced by Jocko Marcellino


An exclusive Sha Na Na collector's edition CD
A celebration of Sha Na Na over four decades
 as a band

SHA NA NA brings their rock & roll celebration to town in a dynamic, crowd pleasing show that includes highlights of their four decade journey from WOODSTOCK, the movie GREASE, THE SHA NA NA TV SHOW and their world wide concert touring. In an interactive show where the audience sings along, dances along and participates in a “Greaser Olympics, a good time is had by all ages. Hey all you teen angels and party dolls: twist, stroll and hand jive to the classics as performed by the crowned princes of doo-wop and rock & roll, Sha Na Na

Rock'n Roll is Here to Stay
Hound Dog
The Wanderer
Motor man
Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame
Gimma A Little Sign
The Cat in the PT Cruiser

At the Hop
Let's Dance
Peppermint Twist
Willie And The Hand Jive
The Hokey Pokey
Don't You Remember
One More Saturday Night
Hold On (Wait A Minute)
Run Run Rudolph
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

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SHA NA NA is back with a high-energy Christmas release titled
 (The Classic Christmas Collection)”
A collection of their greatest Christmas performances along with -- six new bonus original songs, twenty-one cuts in all. Joining Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, Santa’s On A Diet, (Dowop) Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town are their new classics I Saw Mama Twistin’ With Santa Claus, Say Ho Ho Ho , Rock Rudolph Rock, There Ain’t No Holly In Hollywood, and more. Download from Amazon  , iTunes, or get the original CD from  Allegro Music


Track Listing

bullet Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
bullet Rock Rudolph Rock
bullet Ain't No Holly In Hollywood
bullet Christmas Bells
bullet Santa's On A Diet
bullet You're All I Want For Christmas
bullet  I Saw Mama Twistin' With Santa Claus
bullet An Angel For Christmas
bullet I Want To Rock 'N' Roll For Christmas
bullet Run Run Rudolph
bullet An Angel For Christmas
bullet I Want To Rock 'n' Roll For Christmas
bullet Blue Christmas
bullet Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
bullet Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
bullet I Got The Blues For Christmas
bullet Jingle Bells
bullet The Rockin' Dreidel Song
bullet The Santa Bop
bullet Bad Christmas Eve
bullet Wish You Were Here
bullet Say Ho Ho Ho
bullet This Is My New Year's Resolution


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SHA NA NA debuts “brand new old school” in their new collection: SHA NA NA- ONE MORE SATURDAY NIGHT on The Gold Label.

The project including all original Sha Na Na songs was produced by the original drummer and WOODSTOCK veteran Jocko Marcellino. Jocko’s writing contributions include THE CAT IN THE P.T. CRUISER and TOKYO BOP written with guitarist Buzz Campbell, LOVE CAN HURT written with Mitch Margo of THE TOKENS, and LOVIN’AIN’T SO HARD TO FIND, a song he sang as the lounge singer in the movie RAINMAN.

As well as the title track ONE MORE SATURDAY NIGHT and GOOD ROCKIN’ TONITE, piano man Screamin’ Scott Simon is the co-writer of SANDY originally sung by JOHN TRAVOLTA in GREASE. (Sha Na Na recorded six other songs for the GRAMMY nominated GREASE soundtrack.)

Sha Na Na co-founder Donny York offers DON’T YOU REMEMBER and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HALL OF FAME penned in 1970, long before the establishment of said institution. Besides his distinguished roots guitar work Buzz Campbell demonstrates his writing chops with MAYBE and BLUE aptly sung by Jim Waldbillig against the rock steady drum groove of Paul Kimbarow.

Reggie Battise leads the Sha Na Na vocal attack with his distinctive bass and lead vocals from doo wop to rockabilly, from the street corner to the dance hall and from New York City to the Tokyo Ball. The collection also includes bonus tracks featuring guest vocalists Pat Boone and Conny, the Japanese pop singer.

With their six year world wide syndicated TV show, appearances at WOODSTOCK and in the film GREASE and over three decades of constant touring, Sha Na Na stays ready to rock.

Now, Sha Na Na gets it right with the good rockin’ of ONE MORE SATURDAY NIGHT.

Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party



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All the greatest dance hits of the '50s and '60s are here on one album
 - including many songs not included on any other Sha Na Na album


bullet At The Hop
bullet Pony Time
bullet Peppermint Twist
bullet Willie And The Hand Jive
bullet Queen Of The Hop
bullet The Stroll
bullet Save The Last Dance For Me
bullet (Baby) Hully Gully
bullet You Can't Sit Down
bullet The Twist
bullet The Hokey Pokey
bullet Rockin' Robin
bullet Party Doll
bullet Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha
bullet Let's Dance
bullet Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay